Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Quick updates.



Selamat sejahtera.

Selamat pukul 2 pagi.

I don't feel like going to bed right now.Seriously,I don't feel sleepy at all.But I will if you ask me to read Science's book for the exam tomorrow.

Ah.Exam.Examination week.Dislike.

Okay.I'm here to list what I've done just now.Takmau baca belah jaaaa okay ?

Tadi baru check-it-out blog Dalia.Looking through Syazani's tumblr.Searching Liyana Noorzle's blog.And you got a nice blog,Leeyan.I followed Maria Elena's blog and some friends of hers.Macam mana aku kenai depa?Ohh.Farhana Amir suggest tadi.Hee.

Guess what.Maria Elena sebenarnya kool dan cantik.I had watched her first video but it is not so clear so aku describe dia ni nak buat stai kot.After reading some of her post *just a few actually,I found that dia memang stai.

Kak Maria Elena *Kak? sorry.I've judge you by your video.HAHA.
Search but there was nothing.Taktau kenapa.Then I moved to another blog site,

Again,she's cool and okay laaaa.Standard.Dan ramai follower.Rasa down ni,follower baru 43 -.-
Nak blogwalking lagi tapi nak iron bajuu.I wish I can have a fairymaid.Datang bila perlu,pergi bila dihalau.HAHA.

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